About NubiansMeet
NubiansMeet is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, Nubians can posts, add photos, videos, and more

Welcome to NubiansMeet.com

NubiansMeet.com was launched January 20, 2021. Owned by Community, it's purpose of creation was due to an alarming amount of negative feedback of limited privacy and the selling of our data to special interest groups via other popular platforms. It's for Communities that are sick and tired of large Corp takeover and being monitored by Artificial INTELLIGENCE 24/7 365.

NubiansMeet.com overstands that with equal opportunity and various online platforms owned by the people and the freedom to speak without the many restrictions, everyone not only becomes the authority of their own lives, but many will now be forced to hear the hearts and pain of the people.

Similar to Facebook and Instagram's intentions in establishing a universal website that connects people around the world, Nubian's approach is a bit different and simple. Privacy, Privacy, Privacy!!

Our Community-based platforms are from those who don't fit, talk, walk, stand or speak the standards of western traditions or what some would say politically correct but from those who have united from various countries Virtually with the initiative of creating additional options for all despite their limitations.

We first like to invite all Nubians to transition over from some of these top platforms owned by large corporations to assist us in sharing with the World how we can unite and agree on solutions never been discussed vs problems that only keeps us programmed in a democracy that is no longer valued by the people.

NubiansMeet.com is just a few of the many sites established, owned and operated by Community. Our sites are not only about Community privacy but also about solutions to our economy. Our belief system is


A Few Great Minds working together eliminates dependency......opens the door to solutions and the impossibilities.! !

Therefore, it only take a few to share with the mass the solutions to our economic issues we face globally.

Here we will see that true solutions are provided and how as one Nation Globally, these Solutions will work as we provide understanding on who, what, when, where, and why as we all seek to discover an unlearned purpose of non discovery.

To see our plans for an economic monthly stimulus that all can reap globally, visit www.blackwallstreet.site.