Boots - From Level 30

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Boots - From Level 30, you are OSRS gold able to wear Snakeskin boots. At 70 , switch to God D'hide boots. If you're wealthy, you can purchase Pegasian boots to get the best footwear for slot machines.

Necklace - The decision for this is straightforward as there are three choices. You have the Amulet of Glory which is good and cheap all around neck piece. In addition, you can choose Amulet of Fury which costs more, but it's a little bit better alternative. In the end, you can pick up Necklace of Anguish which is best in the slot but requires 75 levels in Hitpoints as well as costs much. Ring for the band slot, there's not many alternatives to choose from and you should consider purchasing an Archers rings if you can pay for one.

A special mention is due an honorable mention to Void Knight equipment which can be obtained from Pest Control minigame. This is an excellent set that you could get without spending gold. You need only 42 in all combat stats except Prayer which requires levels 22. This set gives you excellent defensive bonuses that are comparable to the Red Dragonhide set as well as +100 percent accuracy and damage bonuses which later can be upgraded to +12,5%. It's a great set to use when you are fighting enemies with low defence as well as in PvP due to the fact that it isn't droppable or destroyed below level 20 Wilderness.

Instructing your Ranged or rs gold 2007 another combat ability along with Slayer is always a good option. In this way, you will gain the experience of a different skill that you wouldn't normally. Additionally, Slayer unlocks many new creatures, bosses and locations for your leveling and cash-making. This is why Slayer may be the best way to earn money in the long run as it allows you to unlock the most important monsters you can farm in RuneScape.