It is possible to get there by traveling to Camelot

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Alongside the regular tree paths, which you'll likely be taking part in RuneScape gold most of the time, you could gain additional knowledge in agriculture through planting trees for fruit in areas specifically designed specifically for them.

To access this route quick, you must unlock the Spirit Tree traveling system. The first one is located just above the Tree Gnome Agility Training Area which allows you to transfer using Spirit trees. Once you have teleported, go into The Tree Gnome Village, and then leave by speaking to an NPC located just outside the cage made of metal. From the entry point, take an exit towards the west. The next one is east of Catherby under the mountain.

It is possible to get there by traveling to Camelot and then running to the to the east. Then, you'll discover a patch in Brimhaven. The most straightforward method of getting there is to teleport to Ardougne and then taking the charter vessel. You can also change your home to Brimhaven which can allow you to travel much faster. There's also a fruit tree patch in Lletya however, this requires the completion of a lengthy quest with high demands. The fruit trees grow for 16 hours, so it's usually completed only once per day.

One of the most profitable farming practices among them is the cultivation of herb patches. It's similar to farming trees with regards to the activities undertaken, but during these events, we go to special areas that are dedicated to herb gardens. It is also essential to carry secateurs (magic secateurs are recommended) to harvest plants that are fully grown. Follow the directions below to locate the farming patches and rake patches. You can also seeds to plant and return when they have grown fully.

There are a variety of herb seeds that are available to buy RS gold plant and harvest, including Ranarr, Snapdragon, Torstol Toadflax, and many more. So ensure that you use the those that are most profitable.